talk about the GinST 15 experienc

I am very impressed with GinST 15 extract. It is not like any ginseng I have worked with in my 25 years of working with ingredients. Just a small amount in water is effective. In our taste testing we could use a very small amount so the taste profile was very mild. With other ginseng the amounts needed to be effective create taste problems. Even with the reduced amount of GinST 15 used, there was a far greater effect. I am excited about this product.

Charles Greene. President
American Standard Nutraceuticals.

When I meet with physicians I always provide them with 2 capsules of GinST 15. It is remarkable that one or more of them will call me later in the day and tell me how impressed they are about the immediate impact and how much they were able to relax and yet stay sharp and focused. My company has created 8 of our own successful formulations. We are definitely planning to use the GinST 15 extract in future formulations.

Mitch Fiedler. President
Scientific Biologics


One of our medical assistants was having some ongoing blood sugar challenges. She tried many supplements and diet but she was still finding her blood sugar often climbing up over 150 mg/dl. After a couple of months taking just 2 of the GinST 15 capsules a day, she found her blood glucose settling to around 100. She is ecstatic.

Dr. Drew Collins. Director, Clinic of Integrative Medicine, 
San Diego, CA

My patient, a female age 64 had hip surgery during her first phase trial with GinST15 capsules. After taking GinST 15, she really felt an increase in her energy level and a decrease in her level of pain after the surgery.

Another male patient of mine had severe exercise induced asthma before he started the GinST 15 capsules. After he started taking the capsules his allergy and asthma symptoms improved dramatically. He is very happy with his progress.

A third patient, a 65 year old male, feels that his level of energy and endurance has improved since he has been taking GinST 15.  He believes it is a much better product than any other supplement he has tried in the past.

Dr. Midori Nishida, Director 
The Essence Naturopathic Medical and Healing Center,
Santa Monica, CA