KFDA Functional health claim

Many studies have been done on GinST 15 which is shown in research via its metabolite marker IH901 and Compound K. One of the areas where Ilhwa has created numerous studies is energy creation, blood glucose and blood lipid management. 

Il Hwa’s research is so substantial that they received a KFDA certification for a functional health claim for blood glucose management.

Absorption over time

Regular ginseng extract takes 12 hours to get maximum absorption while Gin ST15 extract will get maximum absorption in 3 to 4 hours. This illustrates the far greater absorption of GinST 15.

(Please Note: the scale of 0-50 ng/ml for Ginseng Extract and 0-300ng/ml for GinST 15. A different scale for each had to be used so that a comparison can be seen.)